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Q: What companies are eligible for an Award?
A: To be eligible for an Award, companies and financial buyers should be headquartered in Canada and should have either completed a transaction, or announced a transaction that is likely to close, in calendar year 2018. There may be an exception made for a deal announced in 2017 or 2018, which has a high probability of closing in early 2019.  

Q: What are the benefits of applying for the Canadian Dealmakers Awards?
A: The best-of-class organizations selected to receive a Canadian Dealmakers Award gain more than an opportunity to celebrate their success. Winners also enjoy: National recognition as one of Canada’s foremost Dealmakers Heightened market interest thanks to extensive media exposure in The Globe and Mail, Lexpert and Thomson Reuters publications Media coverage stemming from Deloitte’s national media relations efforts The opportunity to engage in the high-level industry networking that fuels M&A transactions
- Recognition at the gala awards ceremony, which is attended by leading investors, advisors and financiers
- Year-round networking and educational opportunities, including access to valuable research, insights and best practices

Q: What commitment must we make to apply?
A: Only the short time it takes to complete your nomination form. We’ve limited the number of questions and the level of detail required on the form to respect your time. And there are no fees to apply.

Q: How do you protect the confidentiality of our information?
A: The information you submit to the Canadian Dealmakers program is not shared with anyone other than founding sponsors and members of the judging panel, except with your prior and explicit permission. We protect the information you provide to us, including password-protecting access to applicant profiles and using other technological and organizational measures to protect information against loss and misuse. Additionally, we do not publish or reveal individual responses.

Q: How do I nominate a deal - or dealmaker - for an Award?
A: To make a nomination, review the eligibility criteria, select an appropriate Award category (or categories) and then simply e-mail the nomination details to dealmaker@deloitte.ca between January 1, 2018 and October 31, 2018.

Q: Where do I get the nomination form?
A: Download the nomination form, complete it and e-mail it to dealmaker@deloitte.ca

Q: How do you select judges?
A: The Dealmakers advisory committee select well-respected Canadian industry business leaders when selecting judges. Criteria include a strong reputation within the M&A industry, broad-based experience and demonstrated leadership qualities.

Q: What screening process do you use to determine the winners?
A: We begin by automatically qualifying large transactions that exceed a certain value threshold, based on publicly available information. Companies that completed or announced transactions in 2018, and their respective advisors or other interested parties, can also submit nomination forms for transactions they believe are worthy of an Award. Deals that do not have publicly disclosed transaction values are not eligible unless we receive a sufficiently detailed nomination form to allow judges to make an informed decision about the merits of the transaction. We then pre-screen all eligible transactions and create a short list of candidates who are notified of their selection. We conclude the process by interviewing short listed candidates to gather additional detail on the merits of the transaction. Our panel of experienced judges makes the final decision as to the winner for each Award category.

Q: When do you notify the nominated companies?
A: The winners will be contacted shortly after winners have been selected on November 30, 2018. While we understand your enthusiasm and the desire to share news of this Award, we are asking you to keep it strictly confidential until the gala event and the official publication in The Globe and Mail.

Q: Are the winners notified in advance?
A: Yes, winners receive notifications prior to the Awards event, but the identity of the winners will not be publicly announced until the gala event early spring 2019. We also will be asking winners to confirm certain transaction details and provide authorization for certain key transaction details and other information to be published at the Awards event.

Q: What makes Canadian Dealmakers different than other Award programs?
A: As the only program of its kind in Canada, the Canadian Dealmakers takes a unique approach to these industry Awards. Unlike other programs, Canadian Dealmakers is:

  • Limited only to Canadian companies and Dealmakers.
  • Focused on a broad range of industry segments, including oil and gas, basic materials, industrials, consumer goods, consumer services, telecommunications, healthcare, utilities, financial and technology.
  • Free to applicants. Your only investment is approximately 15 minutes to complete the nomination form.
  • Much more than an Award ceremony. We also offer year-round opportunities for networking, education and the sharing of best practices.

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