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Nomination process
Candidates will be shortlisted for presentation to the adjudicators end of October 2018. For more information on the 2018 nomination process, please contact dealmaker@deloitte.ca

The process involves two assessment phases and judging by a panel of preeminent business leaders. The Gala awards ceremony will be held in early spring 2019 check back here for further details.

Program administrators have already compiled lists of top publicly announced transactions in each Award category. Companies that have done smaller transactions or whose transaction value was not publicly disclosed should submit this form in order to be eligible. Companies that have done large transactions should also consider submitting this form to provide additional information for the judges to consider.

Tips for completing your nomination
To assist you in completing the nomination process, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Our program administrators already have lists of the top publicly announced transactions in each Award category. If you completed a smaller transaction, or did not publicly disclose your transaction value, you can still apply for an Award by submitting a nomination form. If your transaction is already being considered for an Award, you can increase your odds of winning by completing a nomination form that includes additional information for the judges to consider.
  • If you are applying for the Deal Team of the Year Award, please describe your team’s achievements during the year. For guidance purposes, you can also refer to the information requested for the other Awards.
  • When completing your nomination form, briefly describe the attributes that uniquely qualify the company or person for the award, considering factors such as:
      • Clearly communicate a solid deal thesis – a description of how it was developed and evolved can also increase your chances of winning
      • Provide detail (to the extent possible) on the overall financial soundness of the transaction
      • Outline the extent to which the transaction will drive organizational success and/or transformation
      • Provide context on the complexity of the deal
      • Provide detail that paints a portrait of excellence in overall deal execution, including deal planning, deal execution, and post-merger integration planning

Contact us
Contact the Canadian Dealmakers program at dealmaker@deloitte.ca if you have questions about our privacy and confidentiality policies.